ALAGI M´BYE & ARNE FORSÉN – kora & piano




16 Färentuna (Ekerö), Hönshuset *19.00 CD-release! (ticket reservation:

20 Skogsnäs, Sollefteå 15.00 with youth orchestra MITTFOLK

22 Hola folkhögskola, Sollefteå 19.00

24 Umeå, Studio Jazz UFH* 20.00

26 Gällivare, Cultural Festival 19.00

28 Luleå, Kulturens Hus 12.00



14 Strängnäs, Multeum 19.00

18 Ystad, Biografen Scala 16.00

22 Stockholm, Stallet* 19.00

23 Katrineholm, Musikens Hus 19.00

24 Norrköping, Konstmuseet 15.00



7 Falun


* feat Jonas Knutsson


Tour supported by Swedish Performing Arts Agency/Musikverket

Arne Forsén


+46 (0)70 662 88 71

QACD-06 (2015)

layout: Martha Sanchez

photo: Charlotte Rückl


WEST AFRICA encounters JAZZ!

photo: Charlotte Rückl




vecka 33-37skapande skola Ekerö


20/8 konsert, Ekerö, Rosenhill kafé & handelsträdgård

26/8 konsert, Uppsala, Kultur vid Ekoln

18/9 Workshop Sibeliusakademin, Helsingfors

19/9 Workshop Sibeliusakademin, Helsingfors

20/9 konsert, Tallinn, Philly Joe´s Jazz Club

30/9 workshop, MITTFOLK ungdomsorkester, Sundsvall

1/10 workshop + konsert, MITTFOLK ungdomsorkester, Sundsvall

3/10 Skapande skola Umeå, Hagaskolan

4/10 Skapande skola Umeå, Hagaskolan

5/10 workshop estetiskt gymnasium, Boden

6/10 konsert, Gällivare Kulturfestival

7/10 konsert, Malå Kulturnatta

9/10 Skapande skola Umeå, Böleängsskolan

10/10 Skapande skola Umeå, Böleängsskolan

konsert, Högås Bygdegård, Vännäs

12/10 konsert, Göteborg, Klubb Ankaret

13/10 konsert, Huddinge, Teater Slava


With his kora, Alagi M’Bye keeps the world in order. His family has done this since the dawn of time. From a young age, he has trained to be a Jali—a walking library—and with music as a tool, emorized the cultural treasure developed in West Africa since the 1100s.

Alagi has collaborated with Arne Forsén since 2015. Before that he toured in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries with Ale Möller, Knut Reiersrud, Norwegian folk musicians and school performances.

Arne Forsén is a distinctive musician who wanders on the border between jazz, free improvisation and folk music. He has played in the Swedish group Brus Trio and with John Tchicai, Phil Minton, Mats Gustafsson and Roland Keijser. He also interacts gladly with dance, theater, visual art and performance art.

The music is built on Alagi’s repertoire of traditional and newly created songs. M’Bye and Forsén’s diverse musical experiences grow together into a weave of sparkling rhythmic tones.

Saxophonist Jonas Knutsson joins MBye & Forsén whenever a chance is given.

He´s a versatile and curious musician who moves between jazz and folk music from all around the world. He has played with Alagi M’Bye in the Stockholm Folk Big Band, is a musical soul mate of Arne and an obvious guest on the CD "MANSA KONKO".

In 2015 MBye and Forsén made an extended tour from the very north to the very south of Sweden and in fall 2017 next tour was on the road!